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Gothology: The Eternal Sad

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GATHER ROUND YE CHILDREN OF NIGHT, and cast your eyes upon this tome of misery, GOTHOLOGY: THE ETERNAL SAD, a collection of comics studying the cultural force known by laymen as “Goth”.  Drink deep the veins of tragedy that run wild throughout this volume, gathering the works of artists from all corners of this wretched earth.  Witness undead horrors, doomed lives ill-spent, and fate’s cruelest endeavors, collected here for your reading  displeasure.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we submit for your approval – GOTHOLOGY: THE ETERNAL SAD

RELEASE: July 2009
ISBN: 978-0-9824664-0-7
PRICE: $18.99

Colin Abel, Ayer, Eric Biddle, Karl Birkelbach, Emy Bitner, Anna Bowles, Christina Boyce, Phillip Chanter, Sarah Fowlie, Kristina Gehrmann, Ariana Gonzalez, Chris Gormley, Doug Harvey, Annelise Haynes, Erin Jones, Valia Kapadai, Volkan Kinaci, Justin King, Vera L, Eric Lamont, Christine Larsen, Megan Lawton, Sloane Leong, Jared Lewis, Tom Parkinson-Morgan, Olivia Pelaez, Taylor Pendleton, Mark Penman, Perca, Halfdan Pisket, Dr. Salt, Aluísio Santos, Brittney Scott, Jack Sullivan, Used Bandaid, Ashley M. Witter